Sustainable integration of young people at risk into the labor market. Transferring successful European models and implementing these two social innovations will help young people who are neither employed, nor in education or training move into labor.


   Specific aims:

  • Examining good practices, applied by partners in Poland and Wales, UK, concerning integration of young people into labor market in partner countries.
  • Developing an innovative and alternative program for including young people at risk, marginalized adolescents, ultras and young people with criminogenic behavior.
  • Creating a comprehensive innovative practice for activating inactive young people who are not looking for work.
  • Introducing new methods for work with young people who are neither employed, nor in education.
  • Applying the recommendations of the European Youth Guarantee to Bulgaria for early intervention and activation of young people; supporting measures for integration into the labor market and improving the schemes for fighting against youth unemployment.
  • Introducing and expanding the measures within the National plan for implementation of the Guarantee through coverage and intermediation between the economically inactive young people and institutions.
  • Improving the interregional and transnational cooperation among partners from Bulgaria, Poland and Wales, UK.
  • Achieving internal cooperation for success between institutions, research organizations, youth organizations, inactive young adults and employers.
  • Improving the capacity of the candidate and its partners, as well as the capacity of other youth organizations throughout the country through dissemination measures.
  • Sustainable integration of inactive young people and those at risk into the labor market.