The project studies and transfers two successful models- from Poland to Wales. It adapts and introduces two social innovations that are process-oriented, developing new methods and approaches.

The first innovation covers the economically inactive, currently not in education or training young people with xenophobic and racist attitudes. It also covers marginalized adolescents with criminogenic behavior and ultras. The pattern is transferred from the partner Sazani Associates, UK, which works successfully with young people with similar tendencies.

Qualities such as inclusion, desire for active labor participation and acceptance of differences are necessary for the successful integration of young people into the labor market and they are achieved through creative alternative programs.

The second innovation is related to the development of a comprehensive program for activation of inactive young adults who are not looking for work. They are one of the accentuated vulnerable groups in The Youth Guarantee. Practices for creating innovations are being transferred from the partner “Polish Council of Youth Organizations.”

Innovative for Bulgaria, both social practices will show the great need for new and stimulating activities which will bring young people out of isolation and make them invest in themselves and their successful professional realization. Youth organizations are very useful for this purpose.

The project proposal is in the scope of IP2: Sustainable integration of young people into the labor market, particularly those who are neither employed, nor in education or training, as well as young people at risk of social exclusion and youth marginalized communities, including through implementation of the Youth Guarantee (ESF).

Implementing the project achieves Specific objective in IP2- encouraging transnational cooperation in terms of exchange of experience, best practices and models for sustainable integration into the labor market for young people up to 29 years old.