Nowadays people, in particular young people, have to deal with all sources of information more than ever and they do it in an effortless manner which plays a key role in their digital word. This state of constant reception of information often leads to mental overloading and overlooking of the important messages. The current activity aims to present the project results in a way which is creative and innovative.

Good examples often remain hidden from society and young people lose the opportunity to learn from their peers. What they usually experience and see happening to their friends is that when they do not behave according to the rules it leads to punishment. That way, instead of receiving support, they reaffirm their pattern of antisocial behavior and don’t act to change their situation but instead prefer to remain out of the educational system and employment. The media and social networks constantly present news of kids and youngsters who are being accused of doing something wrong and are called bad. This increases the feeling of loneliness and it gets even harder to break out from the vicious circle.  There is a lack of positive examples that are a source of motivation for inactive young people.

Interested parties will become acquainted with the innovative approaches which offer young people alternatives such as working on their emotional perception, developing skills for successful integration into the labor market, sports, creative and musical activities.