Creating an innovative approach to activation of young people through identification, motivation and participation.

The main goal of the activity is to transfer the Polish model for turning negative life experience of young inactive, unemployed, not in training or education people, who are not looking for jobs- into personal activity, necessary for their successful integration into the labor market.

The transferring of the Polish partner’s innovation meets the requirements of the European Youth Guarantee- an obligation which all the EU parties have agreed to follow. It guarantees: Early intervention and activation of young people; Supporting measures for integration into the labor market; Improving the schemes for fighting youth unemployment.


SubActivity1: Local study of the inactive youth in the country.

Within the current activity, the partner “Institute for the study of societies and knowledge at BAS” will conduct a survey among 110 Bulgarian young people who are neither employed, nor in education and are not looking for a job. The study will focus on the underlying causes for the group’s inactive and sedentary lifestyle, their apathy and lack of interest when it comes to employment .These facts, along with the examined Polish know-how, will provide the necessary information about the most effective way to adapt good practices in Bulgaria.

Because of these inactive and uneducated people up to 29 years old, the country loses a great deal of its labor force. Behind the disturbing numbers lie systemic problems that remain unnoticed beneath the surface.

The study will focus on the reasons why young people are inactive and isolate themselves from the labor market, as well as their readiness to be engaged in specific supporting measures; their attitude when it comes to transferring the Polish practices; the ways in which they can be engaged and motivated. All gathered data will be included in a comprehensive analysis along with other materials for better adaptation of the innovation, considering the specifics of the Bulgarian group


SubActivity2:  Developing an innovative system for activation of inactive and unemployed young people

The developed social innovation, based on the transferred know-how of the partner, will focus of five key components:

–              Inactive young people are being inspired and activated through an individual approach (following the reasons behind their isolation), along with the support of other young people and inspirators;


–              In order to achieve the Youth Guarantee’s objectives, inactive young people cannot be      treated solely like service consumers. They must be motivated and drawn as participants in the process.


–              -The methods for activating the non-working and not in education youth must follow the contemporary tendencies and techniques for drawing attention and inclusion which the group recognizes as its own.


–              Each individual success for change can be an example and an inspiration for other representatives of the target group.

–  Internal cooperation will ensure better results: youth organizations-inactive youth-employers-institutions.


The idea of the innovation is: to unfold young people’s potential, as well as the potential of the elderly, youth organizations and communities in hopes of creating a just and equal society for all young people. Youth organizations (for and from young people) are strong and capable of pursuing and sharing innovative solutions for hard problems within the specific target groups.